gē song; to sing

Made up of [ elder brother , qiàn yawn; deficient radical 76]


Comprises the open mouth radical (or yawn) combined with 'ge' elder brother for phonetic
Number of strokes 14

Related characters

Using qiàn : yǐn (to drink) huān (merry)

Sounds same

gē (spear) gē (elder brother)

Different tone

gé (animal hide) gè ('of') gè (each)

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四面楚歌 sì miàn chǔ gē Ambushed from all sides. Under sustained attack

The illustrious Ming

It was during the Ming dynasty that China achieved many accomplishments: a vast fleet sailed the seas and made many dicoveries.; an encylopedia of the accumulated knowledge was distilled into 11,000 chapers; trade with America brought in new vegetables and cotton that were widely grown.
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