jiào comparatively; to contrast; to compare

Made up of [ chē vehicle radical 159, jiāo to hand over; to deliver; to turn over ]
Alternative traditional form of character:


The vehicle radical can be thought of as suggesting a race to compare chariots but 'jiao' is the phonetic
Number of strokes 10

Related characters

Using chē : zài (to carry) liàng (collective word for vehicles)
Using jiāo : xiào (school) jiǎo (dumpling) jiāo (suburbs) xiào (effect) jiāo (to glue) yǎo (to bite)

Sounds same

jiào (called) jiào (religion)

Different tone

jiāo (to teach) jiāo (to hand over) jiāo (suburbs) jiāo (to glue) jiǎo (horn) jiǎo (dumpling)

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