xiào effect; efficacy; to imitate

Made up of [ jiāo to hand over; to deliver; to turn over , suī rap radical 66]


Jiao - the left part provides the rough phonetic, the 'rap' part suggests an action
Number of strokes 10

Related characters

Using jiāo : xiào (school) jiào (comparatively) jiǎo (dumpling) jiāo (suburbs) jiāo (to glue) yǎo (to bite)
Using suī : gù (happening) jiào (religion) jiāo (to teach) fàng (let go)

Sounds same

xiào (smile) xiào (filial piety or obedience) xiào (school)

Different tone

xiǎo (small)

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东施效颦 dōng shī xiaò pín Ludicrous self-conceit

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