jiù old; opposite: new ?; former

Made up of [ sun; day radical 72, gǔn line radical 2]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Much simplified form of traditional character that used to refer to a type of owl, a sound loan character.
Number of strokes: 5

Related characters

Also uses component: bái (bright) céng (once) chāng (prosperous) chūn (spring) dàn (dawn) hūn (to marry) jiàn (gap) jiān (between) jǐng (bright) míng (bright) mò (do not) pǔ (general) qíng (clear sky) shì (is) shí (time) shǔ (heat) wǎn (evening) xiāng (fragrant) xīng (star) yáng (yang) yì (easy) yīn (sound) yǐng (picture) zǎo (early) zhào (according to) zhě (in process of) zhuō (table) zuì (most) zuó (previous)
Also uses gǔn component: fū (husband) pù (store) shū (book) wèi (not yet) xíng (permitted) zhí (straight) zhōng (centre)

Sounds same

jiù (fault) jiù (at once)

Different tone

jiǔ (nine) jiǔ (wine) jiǔ (long time)

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旧病复发 jiù bìng fù fā It is difficult to shake off a deeply rooted habit
Chinese proverb


Fù tāng dǎo huǒ [fu tang dao huo]
wade hot water tread fire
Wade through scolding water and burning flame
Showing great courage and valour
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