yǐng picture; image; film

Made up of [ sun; day radical 72, shān bristle; hair radical 59, jīng capital ]


The right part is 'bristles' suggesting artwork while the left part is 'jing' - scenery providing rough phonetic and meaning
Number of strokes: 15

Related characters

Also uses component: bái (bright) céng (once) chāng (prosperous) chūn (spring) dàn (dawn) hūn (to marry) jiàn (gap) jiān (between) jǐng (bright) jiù (old) míng (bright) mò (do not) pǔ (general) qíng (clear sky) shì (is) shí (time) shǔ (heat) wǎn (evening) xiāng (fragrant) xīng (star) yáng (yang) yì (easy) yīn (sound) zǎo (early) zhào (according to) zhě (in process of) zhuō (table) zuì (most) zuó (previous)
Also uses shān component: cǎi (color)
Also uses jīng component: jǐng (bright) jīng (to start) jiù (at once) liáng (cool)

Different tone

yīng (flower) yíng (welcome) yìng (hard)

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一犬吠影,白犬吠声 yī quǎn fèi yǐng, bǎi quǎn fèi shēng Blindly follow a trend without even knowing its origin


The import of opium from India had a devastating effect on China. Although opium had been grown and used in China for centuries the import of huge quantities of the British controlled trade into Guangdong proved far more addiciive. It was the government officials who were most affected and even Dowager Empress Cixi used opium. Attempts to stop the trade led to two wars with Britain which China lost.
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