mào hat; cap

Made up of [ jīn scarf; towel radical 50, mào to emit; to give off; brave ]


The 'clothe' radical gives the idea and 'mao' gives phonetic
Number of strokes 12

Related characters

Using jīn : cháng (always) shì (market)

Sounds same

mào (to emit)

Different tone

māo (cat) máo (hair)

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Tue 10th Apr

World's longest sea bridge in peril?

Concerns have been expressed about the stability of the sea bridge from Macau to Hong Kong that is planned to open (belatedly) later this year. An artificial island has been created where the traffic will go under the busy Pearl River shipping lanes in a tunnel. Summer storms have ripped up some of the island's outer defenses. Experts say the damage is superficial and the integrity of the island is not under threat.

When opened it will be the longest sea bridge in the world, dramatically cutting the time to travel from either side of the immensely busy Pearl River estuary.

/> (Photograph: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Authority)
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