qián money

Made up of [ jīn metal radical 167, jiān narrow; small ]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Can be thought of as a picture of two spears breaking up metal (gold) to make coins, however 'jian' (thin) is probably a rough phonetic
Number of strokes 10

Related characters

Using jīn : zhōng (clock) zuān (to drill) pù (store)
Using jiān : qiǎn (shallow)

Sounds same

qián (Heaven) qián qián (front)

Different tone

qiān (thousand) qiān qiǎn (shallow) qiàn (yawn)

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一分钱,一分货 yī fēn qián, yī fēn huò You cant buy something for nothing
有钱能使鬼推磨 yǒu qián néng shǐ guǐ tuī mò Money can buy you anything


多少钱 duō shǎo qián How much does it cost?


qián coin
double happiness

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