zhú bamboo


A simplified picture of leaves emerging from a bamboo stem
Number of strokes: 6

Different tone

zhū (hog) zhǔ (dot) zhǔ (owner) zhǔ (to cook) zhù (to live) zhù (to halt)
This character is also represented as a radical in the form: zhú

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stroke order for 竹
Stroke order for character 竹, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


zhú bamboo

Long cold winters

China's climate can be surprisingly cold in winter, and not just in the far north-east that borders Siberia. In the winter of 2015 snow caused disruption as far south of Guangzhou. Record low temperatures are in the furthest north-east at -22°F (-30°C) where many goods can be bought in frozen form. Tibet is generally cool, only reaching about 60°F in summer it is the south-east coast that is hottest with temperatures typically 90°F (34°C).
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jīng Classic; pass through

Made up of [ sī silk radical 120, gōng work; skill radical 48]


The old character concerned geomancy, the modern form symbolizes weaving silk at a loom, suggesting hard and meticulous work
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