zhǔ dot

Number of strokes: 1


Index 3 used in: used in: bái (bright) ; bàn (half) ; bīng (ice) ; dì (younger brother) ; duì (to cash) ; lì (beautiful) ; liáng (good) ; lìng (to order) ; pù (store) ; sháo (spoon) ; shù (method) ; sū (revive) ; tài (too) ; wèi (do) ; wū (crow) ; yì (justice) ; yóu (outstanding) ; yù (jade) ; zhōu (prefecture) ; zhù (to live) ; zhǔ (owner) ; zì (from)

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Sounds same

zhǔ (owner) zhǔ (to cook)

Different tone

zhū (hog) zhú (bamboo) zhú (bamboo) zhù (to live) zhù (to halt)

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stroke order for 丶
Stroke order for character 丶, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license
Chinese proverb


Rè guō shàng de mǎ yǐ [re guo shang de ma yi]
heat pot up of ants
As active as ants on a hot pan
In a state of feverish activity and excitement

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