shuǐ water

Number of strokes 3


Index 85 used in: jiǔ (wine) ; hǎi (sea) ; fǎ (law) ; mǎn (to fill) ; zé (pool) ; zhì (to rule) ; qiǎn (shallow) ; hàn (perspiration) ; méi (have not) ; qīng (clear) ; pào (bubble) ; hóng (flood) ; gǎng (harbor) ; qì (steam)

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Sounds same

shuǐ (water)

Different tone

shuì (taxes)
Full character form of this simplified radical: shuǐ

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stroke order for 氵
Stroke order for character 氵, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license
Lucky Bats

Lucky Bats


Bats are commonly used in handicrafts, paintings and artwork to give a wish for good luck. This is because 'bat' and 'good luck' sound the same in Chinese.

The start of China's humiliation

The opium wars (1838-40 and 1956-60) marked the start of China's century of humiliation. Britain's refusal to stop importing opium was the initial event. Even though opium had been used in China for centuries the British variety was much more potent and addictive. Opium was cheap as supply by ship made it more economic to transport. British threats were not taken very seriously until it was far too late when Nanjing came under threat of bombardment. The second war, carried out jointly with the French opened up many more coastal ports for trade with Europe and America.
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