dì earth; ground; field

Made up of [ earth; soil radical 32, also; and ]
Similar looking characters : tā (it)


Uses earth 'radical' with 'ye' - originally a drinking horn
Number of strokes: 6

Related characters

Also uses component: cháng (threshing floor) chéng (city) guī (jade tablet) guī (jade tablet) hēi (black) jiāng (border) kuài (piece) lǐ (inside) líng (mound) qù (go) sàng (to lose) shèng (holy) sì (Buddhist temple) zài (exist) zhì (to arrive) zhōu (circuit) zǒu (walk) zuò (sit) zuò (seat)
Also uses component: shī (to grant) tā (she) tā (he)

Sounds same

dì (supreme ruler) dì (younger brother) dì (ordinal (1st,2nd))

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Sound file kindly provided by shtooka.net under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License

stroke order for 地
Stroke order for character 地, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


冰天雪地 bīng tiān xuě dì Encountering adverse conditions
强龙难压地头蛇 qiáng lóng nán yā dì tóu shé Knowledge of local area and people gives them a distinct advantage even against a strong enemy
天南地北 tiān nán dì běi Places or opinions that are very far apart


地狱 dì yù hell

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