Buddhist temple; mosque

Made up of [ earth; soil radical 32, cùn unit of length; inch; thumb radical 41]
Used as component in : shī
Made with 6 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses component: cháng (threshing floor) chéng (city) (earth) guī (jade tablet) guī (jade tablet) hēi (black) jiāng (border) kuài (piece) (inside) líng (mound) (go) sàng (to lose) shèng (holy) zài (exist) zhì (to arrive) zhōu (circuit) zǒu (walk) zuò (seat) zuò (sit)
Also uses cùn component: (get) duì (right) fēng (to confer) guò (past) jiāng (will) shè (to shoot) shí (time) shù (tree)

Sounds same

(four) (snake) (to run)

Different tone

(silk) (private) (silk) (to think) (die)

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