chéng city; town; city walls

Made up of [ earth; soil radical 32, chéng to succeed; to finish; to complete ]
Made with 9 strokes.
Consists of the radical for earth combined with 'cheng' as phonetic for accomplish, complete which also suggests meaning
Ancient small seal form Small seal

Related characters

Also uses component: cháng (threshing floor) (earth) guī (jade tablet) guī (jade tablet) hēi (black) jiāng (border) kuài (piece) (inside) líng (mound) (go) sàng (to lose) shèng (holy) (Buddhist temple) zài (exist) zhì (to arrive) zhōu (circuit) zǒu (walk) zuò (seat) zuò (sit)

Sounds same

chéng (to succeed) chéng (to ride)

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盐城 Yancheng, Jiangsu
邹城 Zoucheng, Shandong
聊城 Liaocheng, Shandong
肥城 Feicheng, Shandong
运城 Yuncheng, Shanxi
霍城 Huocheng, Xinjiang
晋城 Jincheng, Shanxi
栾城 Luancheng, Hebei
诸城 Zhucheng, Shandong


城门失火,殃及池鱼 chéng mén shī huó, yāng jí chí yú A drastic action may unintentionally affect other people. Show consideration for all
城下之盟 chéng xià zhī méng It literally means an embittered agreement at a city wall when a city has surrendered to besieging forces. So it is a reluctant and bitter deal forced by circumstance.
满城风雨 mǎn chéng fēng yǔ The whole community is awash with scandal or a sensational story.
金城汤池 jīn chéng tāng chí An impregnable city with highly effective defenses. Someone/something not worth trying to attack.
倾城倾国 qīng chéng qīng guó Overwhelm the entire area. Usually applied to a woman of outstanding beauty.