Made up of [ tóu head; lid radical 8, tián field radical 102]
Alternative traditional form of character:
Made with 7 strokes.
Comination of field and roof suggesting land ownership and hence a measure of area

Related characters

Also uses tóu component: hēng (prosperous) jīng (capital) liù (six) shāng (commerce) shì (market) wáng (to die) (night) (also)
Also uses tián component: chù (livestock) dài (to respect) diàn (electric) (rich) (good fortune) huà (to draw) huáng (yellow) jiǎ (first in list) jiāng (border) lèi (tired) léi (thunder) (inside) māo (cat) nán (male) shēn (to extend) (to think) yóu (to follow)

Sounds same

(mother) (mother)

Different tone

(wood) (eye)

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