yóu to follow; from; it is for...to

Made up of [ tián field radical 102]
Similar looking characters : tián (field)
Made with 5 strokes.

Related characters

Also uses tián component: chù (livestock) dài (to respect) diàn (electric) (rich) (good fortune) huà (to draw) huáng (yellow) jiǎ (first in list) jiāng (border) lèi (tired) léi (thunder) (inside) māo (cat) (area) nán (male) shēn (to extend) (to think)

Sounds same

yóu (outstanding)

Different tone

yōu (distant) yǒu (friend) yǒu (have) yǒu (wine vessel) yòu (right) yòu (also)

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干活不由东累死也无功 gàn huó bú yóu dōng lèi sǐ yě wú gōng Only work on what is needed to be done
自由自在 zì yóu zì zài To be carefree, peaceful and relaxed
鬼由心生 guǐ yóu xīn shēng Being scared of the paranormal; irrational fear of dark and shadows.