tián field

A measure word to use for this noun: kuài
Similar looking characters : yóu (to follow)


Picture of a divided and plowed field
Number of strokes: 5


Index 102 used in: chù (livestock) ; dài (to respect) ; diàn (electric) ; fù (rich) ; fú (good fortune) ; huà (to draw) ; huáng (yellow) ; jiǎ (first in list) ; jiāng (border) ; lèi (tired) ; léi (thunder) ; lǐ (inside) ; māo (cat) ; mǔ (area) ; nán (male) ; shēn (to extend) ; sī (to think) ; yóu (to follow)

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Different tone

tiān (sky)

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stroke order for 田
Stroke order for character 田, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


和田 Hotan, Xinjiang
莆田 Putian, Fujian

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