chuán boat; vessel; ship

Made up of [ zhōu boat radical 137, how many; small table; some radical 16, kǒu mouth radical 30]


The left part is itself the radical for a boat, the right part can be read to mean 'many mouths' suggesting a large boat.
Number of strokes: 11

Related characters

Also uses component: fèng (phoenix) jī (machine)
Also uses kǒu component: bā (supposition or suggestion) chàng (to sing) chāo (to exceed) chī (to eat) fēi (coffee) fù (rich) fú (good fortune) gào (to tell) gè (each) gōng (palace) gǒu (dog) gǔ (ancient) hāi (sound of sighing) hào (name) hé (to close) hé (together) hē (drink) hēng (prosperous) hòu (behind) huí (to circle) huò (maybe) jí (lucky) jiào (called) jīng (capital) jiù (fault) jù (sentence) jú (office) jūn (monarch) kā (coffee) kě (can) lìng (other) mǎ (?) mìng (life) míng (name) ne (and you?) pí (hops) pǐn (article) rú (as) shàng (still) shì (matter) shǐ (history) suī (although) tái (typhoon) táng (Tang) tīng (to listen) tóng (same) wèn (ask) xǐ (to be fond of) xiōng (elder brother) yǎo (to bite) yòu (right) yǔ (language) yuán (person) yuē (to speak) zhān (to observe) zhī (to know) zhī (one) zhōu (surname Zhou) zú (foot)

Different tone

chuān (river)

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chuán boat

Chinese villain

If you ask a Chinese person the name of a villain you may well be told 'Cao Cao' as the embodiment of evil and Machiavellian deviousness. As in many cases of villainy this is mainly because he was on the losing side and the victors wrote the 'accepted' history of events. He is charged with massacring innocent people but there is little evidence for this. Luo Guanzhong in his book 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms' used Cao Cao as the loathed enemy figure to all unite against. Yet Cao Cao was given the rare honorific of 'xiaolian 孝廉' by the Han Emperor for his selfless loyalty and incorruptibility. This is a bit like Napoleon being seen as an evil man in England.
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jù sentence

Made up of [ kǒu mouth radical 30, bāo wrap radical 20]


An utterance from the 'mouth' is a sentence; the wrapping character used to provide the phonetic and also meaning as 'person'
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