chuáng bed; couch; classifier for beds

Made up of [ wood; wooden radical 75, 广 guǎng vast; wide radical 53]
A measure word to use for this noun: zhāng


A bed is made of wood and is under a shelter. Also a measure word for bedclothes (sheets, blankets, quilts)
Number of strokes: 7

Related characters

Also uses component: bǎn (board) bēi (cup) běn (root) cài (vegetable) cǎi (color) chá (tea) gān (pole) guǒ (fruit) jī (machine) jìn (to prohibit) jìn (to prohibit) jú (tangerine) kē (of plants) lái (arrive) lǐ (plum) lí (pear) lín (forest) lóu (multi-story building) qí (board game) qín (Qin) qīn (parent) shù (method) shù (tree) song (Song) tiáo (strip) wèi (not yet) xián (to stay idle) xiāng (each other) xiào (school) yǐ (chair) zhí (to plant) zhī (branch) zhuō (table)
Also uses 广 guǎng component: diàn (shop) dù (to pass) qìng (celebrate) táng (Tang) zuò (seat)

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同床异梦 tóng chuáng yì mèng Not everyone thinks the same
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