cōng quick at hearing; wise; clever

Made up of [ ěr ear radical 128, xīn heart radical 61]
Alternative traditional form of character:


The idea of clerness can be thought as coming from being quick after hearing, hence the 'ear' radical
Number of strokes 15

Related characters

Using ěr : qǔ (to take) wén (to hear)
Using xīn : dé (virtue) è (evil) nín (you (polite)) xiǎng (to think) yuàn (to hope) yì (idea) sī (to think) niàn (to read) dìng (how)

Different tone

cóng (from)

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zhān to observe; to divine

Made up of [ kǒu mouth radical 30, bǔ divination; prophesy radical 25]


Combines 'mouth' and 'divination' so has meaning of making an observation
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Ancient coastal province of Shandong

Ancient coastal province of Shandong


The eastern province of Shandong sticks out into the Yellow Sea and has many historic attractions. It boasts the birthplace of Confucius and also the manufacture of Qingdao beer. The most sacred mountain in China - Taishan - has many ancient temples and memorials.
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