niàn to read; to read aloud; idea

Made up of [ jīn modern; now; today , xīn heart radical 61]


Combines 'heart' and 'now' elements suggesting possibly bringing past to life by reading or reciting
Number of strokes 8

Related characters

Using xīn : dé (virtue) è (evil) nín (you (polite)) xiǎng (to think) yuàn (to hope) yì (idea) sī (to think) cōng (quick at hearing) dìng (how)

Sounds same

廿 niàn (twenty)

Different tone

nián (year)

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李先念 Li Xiannian


念念不忘 niàn niàn bù wàng Study hard. Keep thinking about a problem

First Historian

Rivaling the accomplishments of the great Roman historians is the Chinese historian Sima Qian [135-86BCE]. Unlike so many early scholars he was very careful to back up his facts. Where he found conflicting reports of a historical event he included all the versions so that the reader could make their own judgment. He wrote not only on Chinese history but also about music; astronomy and traditions.
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Our history section has a page for each major dynasty, for the whole period from the time of myths and legends 5,000 years ago all the way through the Han, Tang, Song, Ming dynasties to the last great dynasty the Qing .
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