miǎn to escape; to exempt; to remove or dismiss from office

Made up of [ cover; crown radical 14, ér legs radical 10]
Used as component in : wǎn


Originally a picture of a woman giving birth - hence 'escape', 'exit'
Number of strokes: 7

Related characters

Also uses component: ài (love) láo (to toil) měng (Mongol) xiě (write)
Also uses ér component: ér (child) guāng (light) jiàn (see) kè (to be able to) tù (rabbit) xiān (first) xiōng (elder brother) yuán (primary) zhēn (really)

Different tone

mián (roof) miàn (face)

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Inner Mongolia

The huge province of Inner Mongolia acts as a buffer zone between the main part of China and the vast, arid expanse of Mongolia and Russia. In the western part the Gobi desert makes habitation difficult. Most of the people live near to the bend of the Yellow River. The mountains that form China's geographical border run along its inner edge. Historically it has been raids by Mongolian people that have regularly harassed the city dwellers of northern China.
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