miǎn to escape; to exempt; to remove or dismiss from office

Made up of [ cover; crown radical 14, ér legs radical 10]


Originally a picture of a woman giving birth - hence 'escape', 'exit'
Number of strokes 7

Related characters

Using : xiě (write) láo (to toil) ài (love)
Using ér : xiān (first) ér (child) yuán (primary) guāng (light) kè (to be able to) tù (rabbit) jiàn (see) xiōng (elder brother) zhēn (really)

Different tone

mián (roof)

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Power and Prosperity during the Tang dynasty

Power and Prosperity during the Tang dynasty


When the dynasties of China are brought to mind, the Han, Tang and Ming are generally considered the greatest. During the Tang China was undoubtedly the only world super-power with huge cities and great achievements. Tang poetry is considered the finest. Influence of China spread far to the west reaching the Aral Sea and Pakistan.
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