kè to be able to; to subdue; gram

Made up of [ ancient , ér legs radical 10]
Number of strokes: 7

Related characters

Also uses component: gù (hard) gù (happening) gū (estimate) gū (paternal aunt) hú (beard) hú (lake) jū (to reside) kǔ (bitter)
Also uses ér component: ér (child) guāng (light) jiàn (see) miǎn (to escape) tù (rabbit) xiān (first) xiōng (elder brother) yuán (primary) zhēn (really)

Sounds same

kè (customer)

Different tone

kē (of plants) kě (can)

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牙克石 Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia
阿克苏 Aksu, Xinjiang


李克强 Li Keqiang

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