nèi inner; within; inside

Made up of [ jiōng covering box radical 13, to enter; to go into; to join radical 11]
Similar looking characters : ròu (meat)
Alternative traditional form of character:
Number of strokes: 4

Related characters

Also uses jiōng component: gāng (ridge) jiàn (see) lì (beautiful) liǎng (pair) nán (south) shàng (still) shāng (commerce) tóng (same) wǎng (net) yǔ (rain) zài (again) zhōu (surname Zhou)
Also uses component: quán (all)

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stroke order for 内
Stroke order for character 内, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


内蒙古 Inner Mongolia


内江 Neijiang, Sichuan
Chinese proverb


Nǐ sǐ wǒ huó [ni si wo huo]
you die I live
Fight to the death
To fight to the bitter end
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