bǐ spoon; ladle

Similar looking characters : qī (seven)


Picture of a ladle or spoon
Number of strokes: 2


Index 21 used in: běi (north) ; cǐ (this) ; huà (to make into) ; huá (splendid) ; huā (flower) ; lǎo (venerable) ; ne (and you?) ; néng (to be able to) ; sǐ (die) ; tā (it)

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Sounds same

bǐ (pen)

Different tone

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Wed 29th Aug

China's problem with recycling plastic

It has been widely reported that China is stopping the import of waste plastic for recycling. It's a commonly held misconception that there is value in this waste while in fact it costs money to recycle it. The main reason that China has stopped processing plastic is that it does not fit well with the status as an upcoming world power rather than a garbage recycler.

The plastic is now going to other countries in the region including Malaysia and leaves China with an increased demand for 'virgin' petro-chemicals to produce plastics.

China is the biggest producer of waste plastic that ends up in the ocean - 63% compared to the U.S. 2% and schemes to ban single-use plastics are only just started working. Improved trash collection at coastline and riverside cities in China would have a bigger impact on sea pollution than trying to restrain demand for plastics.

Our demand for plastics is high and growing. In developing countries where clean water is unavailable there continues to be a legitimate need for plastic containers for bottled water.

It's to be hoped that China will change its views on plastic recycling to leave the world a cleaner place.

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