lǎo venerable; old

Made up of [ lǎo old radical 125, spoon; ladle radical 21]


A simplification of the characters for 'hair'; 'person' and 'change' immediately suggesting the change to white hair of the elderly
Number of strokes 6

Related characters

Using lǎo : shǔ (heat) zhě (in process of) xiào (filial piety or obedience)
Using : tā (it) huā (flower) huà (to make into) néng (to be able to) sǐ (die) cǐ (this) ne (and you?)

Sounds same

lǎo (old)

Different tone

láo (to toil)

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stroke order for 老
Stroke order for character 老, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


老子 Lao Zi


穿新鞋,走老路 chuān xīn xié, zǒu lǎo lù Stick to the old ways while appearing to follow the latest trends
姜是老的辣 jiāng shì lǎo de là Experience gives wisdom
老骥伏枥,志在千里 laǒ jì fú lì, zhì zài qiān lǐ High ambitions never fade
老奸巨猾 laǒ jiān jù huá To be tricky, cunning, crafty. Well versed in the ways of the world
老气横秋 laǒ qì héng qiū No longer youthful
识途老马 shí tú laǒ mǎ Age brings experience and wisdom


你好老林 nǐ hǎo lǎo lín Hello Mr. Lin


老子 lǎo zǐ Laozi

Emperor at age of 3

The Last Emperor of China, Puyi was born in 1906 and came to the throne in 1908. It is believed his father was murdered by his aunt the Dowager Empress Cixi; she then quickly annointed Puyi as the new Emperor. A day later and Cixi herself was dead. Puyi was forced to step down when the Republic was declared in 1912, he lived in luxury at the Forbidden City until 1924 he then was installed as the puppet Emperor of Manchuria by the Japanese. Surviving the war he was rehabilitated in a Communist prison camp before release as a lowly gardener and archivist up to his death in 1967. An incredible life story.
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nán male; man

Made up of [ tián field radical 102, lì strength radical 19]


Combination of 'field' and 'strength' to signify a man's toil in the fields
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