huá splendid; prosperous

Alternative traditional form of character:

Different tone

huā (flower) huà (speech) huà (to make into) huà (to draw)

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华国锋 Hua Guofeng

Imperial Purple

In the West the Imperial palace is known as just the Forbidden City. In China the full name is 紫禁城 Zijin Cheng - Purple Forbidden City. Just as in Rome, purple was the color associated with the emperor. In Chinese astronomy the region close to the Pole star is the home of the Celestial Emperor and is called the Purple Forbidden Region. The earthly Emperor is the conduit to the heavens and so lives in the Purple Forbidden City.
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Superpower China

There is worldwide speculation on where the future will take China. For thousands of years China was by any measure the top nation on Earth, and so it seems natural that after 150 years of turmoil China will become the leading country again. In this page we speculate on what this might mean to China and the rest of the world.
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