yòu also; in addition; and

Similar looking characters : wén (script)


Picture of the lines of the palm of the right hand
Number of strokes: 2


Index 29 used in: bào (to announce) ; dù (to pass) ; duì (right) ; fà (to send out) ; fǎn (contrary) ; fú (clothes) ; hàn (chinese) ; huān (merry) ; jí (and) ; jī (fowl) ; jiān (difficult) ; nán (difficult) ; qǔ (to take) ; shèng (holy) ; shòu (to receive) ; shù (tree) ; shuāng (pair) ; yǒu (friend) ; zé (pool) ; zhī (to support)

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Sounds same

yòu (right)

Different tone

yōu (distant) yóu (outstanding) yóu (to follow) yǒu (friend) yǒu (have) yǒu (wine vessel)

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stroke order for 又
Stroke order for character 又, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license

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