January Quiz

A monthly quiz of general history, traditions, geography questions for January
1. Kite flying is particularly associated with which traditional festival?
Dragon boat
Double ninth or Chongyang
Qilin, Sacred Way, Ming tombs
"Ways of souls" tombs of the Emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644CE). 50km north west of Beijing, in Changping. December 2005. Image by ofol available under a Creative Commons License .

2. The Queen Mother of the West is an important Chinese deity; where is her palace traditionally said to have been?
Kunlun mountains
Mount Heng
Nanling Mountains
Jinci, Shanxi, sculpture, deity
Queen Mother of the West and maidservants in painted clay sculpture at Jinci, Taiyuan, Shanxi. It was built in the Ming dynasty.

3. The Red Flag Canal was a major engineering project built in the 1960s in which province?
railway, PRC
Chengdu-Chongqing railway opening ceremony. 2/July/1952. Image by available under a Creative Commons License

4. The Chinese Grand canal is roughly the same length as the distance between New York and where?
North Carolina
grand canal, wuxi
Ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Wuxi area. . Image by available under a Creative Commons License

5. Which was the capital city used by the Taiping rebels in the mid 19th century
Taiping Rebellion, battle
Taiping rebels are chased out of Yuzhuang, March 8 1854. The Taiping arrived the previous day but had to retire the next day when the Manchus arrived in hot pursuit. From Ten scenes recording the retreat and defeat of the Taiping Northern Expeditionary Forces, February 1854-March 1855. Source : web site Available under a Creative Commons license .

6. What was an old name for the island of Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)?
Guizhou, mountains, view
Morning mists lift from Guizhou landscape

7. In which province was Mao Zedong born in 1893?
Mao Zedong, statue, PRC
Status of Mao Zedong negotiating with the Guomindang, 1945, with Soong Chingling, Zhang Lan, Huang Yanpei and other party leaders. Copyright © Dreamstime see image license

8. Genghiz Khan originated from which region?
Mongol, Genghis khan, Borte
Temujin and Borte. Image by KoizumiBS available under a Creative Commons License

9. What is the Chinese (Mandarin) name for Hong Kong?
Hong Kong, park, modern housing

10. What is the Chinese for weather?
tiān qì
suī wēi 浽溦
diàn huà
Anhui, view
Sunrise over part of Anhui province in November

11. The standard order of hexagrams in the Yi Jing (I Ching) is attributed to who?
Yellow Emperor
King Wen
yi jing
Three gold coins used for Yi Jing fortune telling

12. The largest carved Buddha in the world is located where?
Wuchang, Hubei
Yungang, Shaanxi
Leshan, Sichuan
Buddhism , Dali, Yunnan, temple
Chongsheng Temple, Dali, Yunnan

13. In 2016 the membership of the Chinese Communist Party stood at how many?
1.7 million
30 million
89 million
soldier, Tiananmen Square, Beijing
A Chinese People's Armed Police guard on Tiananmen Square, in front of the portrait of Mao Zedong. His rank is the second lowest, Private First Class [1]. 4th June 2007. Photo by Luo Shaoyang from Beijing available under a Creative Commons license .

14. The world's deadliest earthquake was in China, how many lives were lost?
Tangshan, earthquake
1976 Tangshan earthquake site Image by NOAA available under a Creative Commons License

15. Which number is considered unlucky rather like 13 in the west?
Japanese lucky cat
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