bāo to cover; to wrap; to hold

Made up of [ bāo wrap radical 20, snake; 6th earthly branch and zodiac element radical 49]
Used as component in : ; bào ; pào ; bǎo ; pào
This measure word can be used with these nouns: yī (clothes)


Shows an unborn child in the womb with the meaning of something covered, held and protected. Measure word for things that are in bundles, packets and packages
Number of strokes: 5

Related characters

Also uses bāo component: gǒu (dog) hé (why) jù (sentence) pú (grape) sháo (spoon) táo (grapes) wù (do not)
Also uses component: gǎng (harbor) yì (different)

Sounds same

bāo (wrap)

Different tone

bǎo (jewel) bǎo (to eat till full) bào (to announce) bào (to hold)

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包头 Baotou, Inner Mongolia


包拯 Bao Zheng


肉包子打狗 ròu bāo zǐ dǎ gǒu To use a self defeating method to solve a problem
纸包不住火 zhǐ bāo bù zhù huǒ The truth can not be concealed
包藏祸心 bāo cáng huò xīn Having evil intent; concealing malice.