pú grape

Different tone

pǔ (general) pù (store)

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葡萄酒 pú táo jiǔ wine

China's Sorrow

The Yellow River has a heavy load of alluvia that it carries from the loess plateau in Shanxi, this load makes it very prone to silting up with a high risk of flooding. More lives have been lost due to flooding of the Yellow River than any other river. In 1931 for example it is estimated that 2 million people lost their lives. It has long been known as ‘China's Sorrow]’
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Port Arthur

The city of Port Arthur now a part of Dalian at the tip of the Liaodong peninsular, played a significant part in the interplay between foreign powers in the late 19th century. It was called Port Arthur by the British and its strategic position commanding the sea routes into Tianjin and the Manchurian provinces made it a prized position. In the Battle of Port Arthur Japan and Russia fought each other for control (1904-5) and Japan became the victors with control over the port and the whole province. At the defeat of Japan in World War 2 it was leased to Russia 1945-54.
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