hé why; how; when

Made up of [ yuē to speak; to say radical 73, bāo wrap radical 20, hidden; concealed; small radical 5, rén person radical 9]
Number of strokes 9

Related characters

Using yuē : gèng (more)
Using bāo : bāo (to cover) wù (do not) jù (sentence) gǒu (dog) sháo (spoon)
Using : kǒng (great) chī (to eat) xí (to practice) yǐ (to use) 亿 yì (100,000,000) lǐ (ceremony) mài (sell) yì (skill) yì (to recollect) yě (also) mǎi (buy) jiǔ (nine) lìng (to order)
Using rén : zuò (seat) chá (tea) jīn (modern) zuò (sit) cóng (from) yǐ (to use) zhòng (many) jiǔ (long time) lìng (to order) shí (eat) shè (residence) huì (can)

Sounds same

hé (river) hé (together) hé (grain) hé (what) hé (to close)

Different tone

hē (drink)

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