chù place; location; spot

Made up of [ zhǐ walk slowly radical 34, divination; prophesy radical 25]
Alternative traditional form of character:


Consists of 'follow slowly' and 'man' but originally a stool, suggesting a resting place
Number of strokes: 5

Related characters

Also uses zhǐ component: gè (each) jiù (fault) líng (mound) tiáo (strip) xià (summer)
Also uses component: jiù (fault) wài (outside) zhān (to observe) zhēn (chaste) zhuō (table)

Different tone

chū (go out) chū (at first)

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人往高处走,水往低处流 rén wǎng gāo chù zǒu, shuǐ wǎng dī chù liú There is always room for improvement


In ancient China the year was split into two periods: Spring and Autumn perhaps the Yin and Yang division of cold; wet with hot and dry. Later the two seasons were split to make the familiar four. For a brief time a fifth season was added between summer and autumn to fit in with the system of five-fold divisions (elements, colors, directions).
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