zhǐ walk slowly


Only used as component of other characters
Number of strokes 3


Index 34 used in: gè (each)

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Sounds same

zhǐ (paper) zhǐ (to stop)

Different tone

zhī (prop up) zhī (one) zhī (him) zhī (to know) zhī (to support) zhī (branch) zhí (straight) zhí (value) zhí (to plant) zhì (aspiration) zhì (to arrive) zhì (to rule) zhì (to send) zhì (to install)

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wài outside; in addition; foreign

Made up of [ xī sunset; evening radical 36, bǔ divination; prophesy radical 25]


Consists of 'evening' and 'divination', as divination was only carried out durign the day this gives the meaning of something unusual, foreign or 'outside' normality
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