dà big; great; large; very


A person with arms outstretched, signifying 'big'
Number of strokes 3


Index 37 used in: tiān (sky) ; tài (too) ; qìng (celebrate) ; fū (husband) ; tóu (head) ; mò (do not) ; shí (real) ; shī (to lose) ; měi (beautiful) ; qí (strange) ; yāng (center)

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stroke order for 大
Stroke order for character 大, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


大庆 Daqing, Heilongjiang
大连 Dalian, Liaoning
大同 Datong, Shanxi
大理 Dali, Yunnan


不撒大网不得大鱼 bú sǎ dà wǎng bù dé dà yú Need to think big if to succeed
粗枝大叶 cū zhī dà yè Lack of attention to detail
大发雷霆 dà fā léi tíng Fly into an extreme rage
大手大脚 dà shǒu dà jiaǒ Lavish and grandiose expenditure on tasteless trifles
大智若愚 dà zhì ruò yú A wise person hold his counsel
雷声大,雨点小 léi shēng dà, yǔ diǎn xiǎo Overly portentous. Reality did not match expectation


大鼠 dà shǔ rat


The traditional way to show respect and subservience was with the kowtow, which involves bowing and touching the ground with the forehead. A kowtow was made to parents, school teachers, court officials as well as the Imperial family. Sometimes it is still seen when families visit their ancestral tomb.
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