dǎn the gall; the nerve; courage

Made up of [ yuè moon; month radical 74, dàn dawn; morning; day-break ]
Alternative traditional form of character:


The moon radical is really in this case 'meat', 'dan' is phonetic
Number of strokes 9

Related characters

Using yuè : míng (bright) yǒu (have) néng (to be able to) qián (front) suí (Sui) gān (liver) qīng (green) péng (friend) péng (friend) jiāo (to glue)
Using dàn : dàn (but) dān (to undertake)

Different tone

dān (to undertake) dàn (birth) dàn (dawn) dàn (but)

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闻风丧胆 wén fēng sàng dǎn Panic stricken; terrified by news


dǎn gall bladder

Imperial Purple

In the West the Imperial palace is known as just the Forbidden City. In China the full name is 紫禁城 Zijin Cheng - Purple Forbidden City. Just as in Rome, purple was the color associated with the emperor. In Chinese astronomy the region close to the Pole star is the home of the Celestial Emperor and is called the Purple Forbidden Region. The earthly Emperor is the conduit to the heavens and so lives in the Purple Forbidden City.
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Frogs and toads are valued in China because they keep down insect pests on crops. In some regions their name is similar to qián 'money, coin' and this has given them an assoication with good fortune and luck.
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