liáng good; very; very much

Made up of [ gèn stubborn radical 138, zhǔ dot radical 3]
Number of strokes 7

Related characters

Using gèn : hěn (very) gēn (heel) jiān (difficult)
Using zhǔ : tài (too) yù (jade) lì (beautiful) wū (crow) yì (justice) zhōu (prefecture) zhǔ (owner) zhù (to live) dì (younger brother) bái (bright) sháo (spoon) duì (to cash) lìng (to order) yóu (outstanding) pù (store) wèi (do)

Different tone

liǎng (pair) liàng (collective word for vehicles)

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苦口良药 kǔ kǒu liáng yaò It takes hard work and discomfort to achieve something worthwhile

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