yù jade

Made up of [ wǎng monarch , zhǔ dot radical 3]
Used as component in : guó ; bǎo
Similar looking characters : wǎng (monarch)


Originally a picture of three jade disks so a dot had to be added to distinguish it from 'king' (wang)
Number of strokes: 5

Related characters

Also uses wǎng component: huáng (emperor)
Also uses zhǔ component: bái (bright) bàn (half) bīng (ice) dì (younger brother) duì (to cash) lì (beautiful) liáng (good) lìng (to order) pù (store) sháo (spoon) shù (method) sū (revive) tài (too) wèi (do) wū (crow) yì (justice) yóu (outstanding) zhōu (prefecture) zhù (to live) zhǔ (owner) zì (from)

Sounds same

Different tone

yú (fish) yú (fishing) yú (in) yǔ (rain) yǔ (language) yǔ (to give)
This character is also represented as a radical in the form:

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Sound file kindly provided by shtooka.net under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License

stroke order for 玉
Stroke order for character 玉, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


逢奸宁可玉碎,气正不求瓦全 féng jiān nìng kě yù suì, qì zhèng bù qiú wǎ quán It is better to die with honor than surrender
宁为玉碎,不为瓦全 nìng wéi yù suì, bù wéi wǎ quán Better to persevere than face destruction by standing out
抛砖引玉 pāo zhuān yǐn yù Modestly allow others to contribute to conversation by making a silly remark
香消玉损 xiāng xiāo yù sǔn Spoken of on the death of a beautiful young woman
玉不琢不成器 yù bù zhuó bù chén qì Training and discipline are needed to build character


yù jade
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