mù wood; wooden


picture of a tree rooted in the ground
Number of strokes 4


Index 75 used in: chá (tea) ; lái (arrive) ; qí (board game) ; běn (root) ; cǎi (color) ; shù (tree) ; wèi (not yet) ; xiāng (each other) ; song (Song) ; zhuō (table) ; yǐ (chair) ; gān (pole) ; jú (tangerine) ; xián (to stay idle) ; qīn (parent) ; lǐ (plum) ; zhī (branch) ; zhí (to plant) ; bǎn (board) ; lóu (multi-story building) ; xiào (school) ; jī (machine)

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Sounds same

mù (eye)

Different tone

mǔ (mother) mǔ (area)

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stroke order for 木
Stroke order for character 木, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


佳木斯 Jiamusi, Heilongjiang
乌鲁木齐 Urumqi, Xinjiang


独木不成林,单弦不成音 dú mù bù chéng lín, dān xián bù chéng yīn Many things require people to work together to achieve an end
独木难支 dú mù nán zhī It often requires more than one person to resolve problems
斧快不怕木柴硬 fǔ kuài bú pà mù chái yìng A talented person is not afraid of a difficult task
木已成舟 mù yǐ chéng zhōu Too late to change anything
十年树木,百年树人 shí nián shù mù, bǎi nián shù rén Studying may be slow and arduous but will be worth it
无源之水,无本之木 wú yuán zhī shuǐ, wú běn zhī mù Something without a proper foundation. Not properly planned


木兰花 mù lán huā magnolia
枫木 fēng mù maple
Song dynasty

Song dynasty


The Song dynasty is a period of Chinese refinement and peace rather than military prowess. Great strides were taken in the creative arts and literature. Prosperity from the growing trade by sea rather than overland fueled the building of huge cities. The eventual conquest by the Mongol hordes brought the dynasty to a tragic close.
All about the religions of China

All about the religions of China


Untangling the religions of China is quite a struggle for those unfamiliar with the country. There are three main belief systems Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism that have co-existed in relative harmony for over a thousand years. Islam, Christianity and Ancestor veneration are also described in our comprehensive treatment of the subject.
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