suàn calculate

Made up of [ zhú bamboo radical 118, eye radical 109, gǒng two hands radical 55]
Number of strokes: 14

Related characters

Also uses zhú component: bǐ (pen) dì (ordinal (1st,2nd)) jiàn (arrow) kuài (chopsticks) xiào (smile)
Also uses component: dé (virtue) dùn (shield) jīng (eye) kàn (look) mào (to emit) miàn (face) pàn (to hope for) xiāng (each other) zhí (straight) zì (from)
Also uses gǒng component: kāi (begin) 廿 niàn (twenty) yì (different)

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Quintessence of the Nation

Quintessence of the Nation


Traditional Chinese Opera was the entertainment of all Chinese over many centuries. A long evening performance contains elements of drama, music, comedy, acrobatics and martial arts. Each region has its own distinctive form. Over time complex movements have been given specific meanings as a very sparse set is used open on three sides. The art form has inspired many Western composers to emulate the style.
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