jiàn arrow

Made up of [ zhú bamboo radical 118, qián front; forward; ahead ]


The 'qian' suggests the sound while 'bamboo' is what they were made from
Number of strokes 15

Related characters

Using zhú : bǐ (pen) suàn (calculate) xiào (smile) dì (ordinal (1st,2nd))
Using qián : jiǎn (scissors)

Sounds same

jiàn (healthy) jiàn (see) jiàn jiàn (to establish) jiàn (gap)

Different tone

jiān (narrow) jiān (difficult) jiǎn (scissors)

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箭在弦上,不得不发 jiàn zài xián shàng, bù dé bù fā Things have reached a point when something must be done
明枪易躲,暗箭难防 míng qiāng yì duǒ, àn jiàn nán fáng It is difficult to guard against furtive attacks

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