xiào smile

Made up of [ zhú bamboo radical 118, tiān sky; day ]


It is said that the presence of bamboo in the character is because when someone laughs it is like bamboo rocking in the breeze

Related characters

Using zhú : bǐ (pen) suàn (calculate) jiàn (arrow) dì (ordinal (1st,2nd))
Using tiān : ǎo (jacket)

Sounds same

xiào (filial piety or obedience) xiào (school) xiào (effect)

Different tone

xiǎo (small)

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千金买笑 qiān jīn mǎi xiào A target that is very hard to attain. Spending lavishly to attract a young woman
五十步笑一百步 wǔ shí bù xiào yī bǎi bù Being complacent about the future. Believing a job done when only half done.
笑里藏刀 xiaò lǐ cáng dāo Malice concealed by apparent friendliness
笑一笑,十年少 xiào yī xiào, shí nián shào Happiness is the best cosmetic
一笑解千愁 yī xiào jiě qiān chóu Keep cheerful against all the odds

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