dù to pass; measure; limit; degree (temperature)

Made up of [广 guǎng vast; wide radical 53, 廿 niàn twenty , yòu also; in addition; and radical 29]


Combines 'shelter' radical with 'twenty' and again
Number of strokes: 9

Related characters

Also uses 广 guǎng component: chuáng (bed) diàn (shop) qìng (celebrate) táng (Tang) yìng (to answer) zuò (seat)
Also uses yòu component: bào (to announce) duì (right) fà (to send out) fǎn (contrary) fú (clothes) hàn (chinese) huān (merry) jí (and) jī (fowl) jiān (difficult) nán (difficult) qǔ (to take) shèng (holy) shòu (to receive) shù (tree) shuāng (pair) yǒu (friend) zé (pool) zhī (to support)

Different tone

dú (alone)

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度日如年 dù rì rú nián Time seems to pass very slowly