rén person


Simpified representation of a person as two legs
Number of strokes 2


Index 9 used in: zuò (seat) ; chá (tea) ; jīn (modern) ; zuò (sit) ; cóng (from) ; yǐ (to use) ; zhòng (many) ; jiǔ (long time) ; lìng (to order) ; shí (eat) ; shè (residence) ; huì (can) ; hé (why)

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Sounds same

rén (humane) rén (Person (radical))
Full character form of this simplified radical: rén

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stroke order for 人
Stroke order for character 人, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license


打人不打脸 dǎ rén bù dǎ liǎn Be diplomatic or tactful when giving criticism
恶人先告状 è rén xiān gàozhuàng The perpetrator diverts attention by being the first to complain
凡人不可貌相, 海水不可斗量 fán rén bù kě mào xiàng, hǎi shuǐ bù kě dòu liàng Judging by appearance is dangerous
好人好事 haǒ rén haǒ shì Pleasant person; good actions
嫁祸于人 jià huò yú rén Put blame onto others
交个朋友多条路,树个敌人多堵墙 jiāo gè péng you duō tiáo lù, shù gè dí rén duō dǔ qiáng It is better to make friends than enemies


四十五个人 sì shí wǔ gè rén 45 people
她是美国人 tā shì měi guó rén She is an American
他们不是法国人 tā mén bù shì fǎ guó rén They are not French
你是英国人吗 nǐ shì yīng guó rén mǎ Are you English?


人参 rén shēn ginseng

Red eyebrows

The red eyebrow 赤眉 rebellion was a grass roots rebellion fuelled by famine and high taxes. They showed their loyalty to the cause by painting their eyebrows and/or foreheads red. This was 2,000 years ago in the troubled reign of Wang Mang. Perhaps red was chosen as it was the dynastic color of the Han dynasty which Wang Mang had overthrown and the rebels sought to restore.
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