rén humane; kernel

Made up of [ rén Person (radical) radical 9, èr two; 2 radical 7]


'Ren' provides phonetic as well as contributes to meaning 'two people' suggests idea of harmony
Number of strokes 4

Related characters

Using rén : tā (he) huā (flower) mén (s) hé (what) huà (to make into) wèi (position) yè (night) zhuàn (biography) zuò (to do) dài (replace) 亿 yì (100,000,000) nǐ (you) zhù (to live) fèn (portion) shén (what) gū (estimate) gōng (to provide) zhí (value) bǐng (both) chàng (to initiate) 仿 fǎng (to imitate) dǎo (fall) dàn (but) hòu (wait)
Using èr : yuán (primary) è (evil) yú (in) xiē (some)

Sounds same

rén (person) rén (Person (radical))

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为富不仁 wéi fù bù rén Be rich but heartless
一视同仁 yī shì tóng rén Treat all people the same
Traditional Chinese calendar

Traditional Chinese calendar


The traditional Chinese calendar is still used to determine the date of some festivals, and in particular the most important one - Chinese New Year. Our calendar shows each month with both Chinese and Western calendar information together with all the important anniversaries occurring on each day and the whole year.
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