rén Person (radical)


Side representation of a person as a radical
Number of strokes 2


Index 9 used in: tā (he) ; huā (flower) ; mén (s) ; hé (what) ; huà (to make into) ; wèi (position) ; yè (night) ; zhuàn (biography) ; zuò (to do) ; dài (replace) ; 亿 yì (100,000,000) ; nǐ (you) ; zhù (to live) ; fèn (portion) ; shén (what) ; gū (estimate) ; gōng (to provide) ; zhí (value) ; bǐng (both) ; rén (humane) ; chàng (to initiate) ; 仿 fǎng (to imitate) ; dǎo (fall) ; dàn (but) ; hòu (wait)

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Sounds same

rén (person) rén (humane)
Full character form of this simplified radical: rén

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The famous Ming dynasty

The famous Ming dynasty


The most famous Chinese dynasty was the Ming dynasty. China built up a pre-eminent nation, with the greatest wealth, population and foreign trade. However by its end Europe had begun to make inroads in many areas and so marked a transition in world power.
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