cǎo grass; herb

Similar looking characters : gǒng (two hands)


Two blades growing out of the ground
Number of strokes: 3


Index 140 used in: used in: cài (vegetable) ; cǎo (grass) ; chá (tea) ; dǒng (to understand) ; huā (flower) ; jié (joint) ; kǔ (bitter) ; lán (blue) ; láo (to toil) ; mǎn (to fill) ; māo (cat) ; měng (Mongol) ; mò (do not) ; píng (apple) ; pú (grape) ; qián (front) ; sū (revive) ; táo (grapes) ; yào (medicine) ; yì (skill) ; yīng (flower) ; zàng (treasury) ; zhēng (to steam)

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Sounds same

cǎo (grass)

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stroke order for 艹
Stroke order for character 艹, kindly provided under Wikimedia creative commons license

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